Auricular points used in a cosmetic treatment

These are some effective auricular points, suggested by a student of mine, that might be used in a cosmetic acupuncture procedure. I've listed them, with her kind permission, below:

ding chuan - to help relieve neck rigidity & shoulder stiffness in order to enhance the energy flow to the face.

nicotine - if a client smokes and is willing to quit in order to help their general health and skin condition, this will help to turn back the clock & improve their complexion & energy levels.

adrenal - if stress is a major factor causing premature aging, the adrenal point will balance out the hormone adrenaline if it has been overproduced by stress.

insomnia - if the client is having problems sleeping and therefore not getting the nourishing effects of a good night's sleep. This point benefits their emotional & physical health, also reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes.

kidney - if the client has a fear of aging and is generally run down and in need of a boost of energy or chi

Great points all worth considering.