The Cosmetic Acupuncture UK gift pack

All CAUK members based in the UK, will be included in a 'Cosmetic Acupuncture Gift Experience Pack'. The pack will be part of the larger wellbeing range and carries the title 'Be Beautiful'. The pack will be on sale nationally through major high street outlets and across the internet.

The pack will contain a booklet describing the benefits and effects of receiving cosmetic acupuncture. This will demonstrate to prospective patients what they should expect from treatment.

The wonderful opportunity for an acupuncturist, as a member of CAUK, is that the pack will provide a voucher entitling the recipient to a 15 minute FREE consultation with the cosmetic acupuncturist of their choice. People will be able to buy the pack as a gift for family or friends. (As a CAUK practitioner all you have to do is be willing to provide a free 15 minute consultation on receipt of the voucher. After that it is entirely up to you what you charge for your treatments and how you handle the client.)

As a member of CAUK each acupuncturist's details will be available to thousands of potential clients who purchase the gift pack; only CAUK members will be included in the cosmetic acupuncture gift pack.

We are so excited about this proposition as the potential benefits for Cosmetic Acupuncture UK members is fantastic. We envisage this gift pack becoming a popular present, available through outlets nationally. The value of being part of this more than covers membership of the CAUK network. If you practice cosmetic acupuncture and would like to become a member of Cosmetic Acupuncture UK you can do that today, simply follow this link: