Intradermal needles

Intradermal needles are a relatively new concept to most acupuncturists, I love them, they are a fantastic tool to use in cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

These needles are used in a cosmetic treatment to help eliminate the fine lines that appear as we get older. One of my favourite areas to work on with the intradermals is the line that tends to appear between the nose and the corner of the mouth; the nasal labial fold.

The key to effective working with these needles is to use a good quality pair of medical tweezers, these needles are so fine, and small, that without the correct equipment they will be impossible to insert.

There is a whole lesson on the cosmetic acupuncture online course about intradermal needles and their use. This lesson includes a video of me demonstrating this technique as part of a Facial Enhancement Acupuncture treatment. To visit the online course, please follow this link: