Facial Enhance Teams up with Organic Trevarno

Paul Adkins is the Founder of Facial Enhancement Acupuncture, now practiced worldwide. He has performed many hundreds of treatments at The Mitchell Hill Clinic in Truro, Cornwall and is pleased to be working with local skincare producers; Organic Trevarno.

Professional Micro Needle Therapy uses a Derma Roller to naturally increase collagen and elastin in the skin. In addition, creams are absorbed much more effectively after treatment. Suncare is recommended for at least 24 – 48 hours after a session, which is one of the reasons Paul opted for Trevarno’s products.

“I knew that I wanted a product range that was free from any chemicals, especially as the absorption rate is so massive after this type of treatment.

I was fortunate that a client recommended Trevarno and after reading that their pure ingredients were ‘only sourced from the highest quality, socially just and ecologically responsible suppliers’, I needed to find out more.

The best part was seeing that their moisturisers are available with natural SPF and this, combined with the fantastic organic and vitamin enriched nature of the creams, was more than enough for me to trial them at the clinic,” said Paul.

After experiencing wonderful results and feedback from clients at The Mitchell Hill Clinic, Paul held a preview evening where he introduced the Trevarno range in combination with his new Micro Needle Therapy treatment service. Paul’s client for the demonstration event was Joan Bose and she loved the experience.

“It was a fantastic facial treatment, and my skin was glowing, it really did knock 10 years off my very old age! Now over a week later, my skin looks and feels so good. The treatment has really brought my skin to life and I have lost the tired, wintry look I had. I would recommend it to anyone and I am looking forward to the next treatment,” said Joan.

The beautiful organic ingredients ensure that the range not only benefits the skin, but each product smells amazing too and it seems Paul’s clients have been really impressed with the luxurious range.

“I am now a stockist for Trevarno as many of my clients want to purchase the new skincare products I am using during their treatment. I sell a Micro Needle Derma Roller, exclusively for home use and I find that clients like to use this in conjunction with the Trevarno products as they know the range is pure and safe.

Trevarno skincare is now used as part of my cosmetic acupuncture treatments and I recommend them to all of the acupuncturists I train in Facial Enhancement Acupuncture.

I am really happy to have found a local Cornish company that fits so perfectly with the services I offer at my Truro clinic,” said Paul.

To purchase Trevarno Products and Micro Needle Therapy Derma Rollers, please visit the Facial Enhance shop.

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