Cosmetic Acupuncture: Enhancing the Cheek Area

Q. Can you give me some tips on achieving a 'grabbing sensation' when needling the cheek area?

A. Lesson 5 of my Facial Enhancement Acupuncture online course focuses on needling the cheek and chin area. There are a couple of points I use at this stage of my protocol that, if needled correctly, will produce what I call a 'grabbing sensation'.

Students often ask for some tips on how to achieve this. Firstly, I always encourage them to practice this technique, as more often than not, this is the key to getting the desired effect. What I'm looking for is for them to work with the facial muscles and the 'grabbing sensation' shows that the needles are inserted correctly (at a 45 degree angle in this instance) and to the right depth. The student, of course, must also use their own experience and judgement when needling, especially when gauging the depth.

The points that I use throughout my protocol have been chosen with a holistic viewpoint, balancing the patient on the inside too. Although, for certain areas I'm particularly looking to 'lift' the face and tighten the muscles. So, I also suggest that students come back to the needle, if they feel it needs more tension, once they've carried out some of the next steps in the protocol.

I haven't listed the points I use here, as it's important to have worked through the lessons in order. But, hopefully this question gives you a brief insight into one of the needling techniques used to enhance the cheek area.

If you have any questions regarding cosmetic acupuncture, please email me and I'll aim to cover them in upcoming blogposts.

Paul Adkins

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